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Trouble With Robots released on Android
The mobile version of Trouble With Robots is available for Android on Google Play. In addition the iPhone / iPad version has been updated with bug fixes and new options.
Trouble With Robots is out now on iOS!
Get your iPhones and iPads out, the iOS version of The Trouble With Robots is out now and it's free to download! Or check out the trailer video on the official site!
Trouble With Robots coming to iOS November 27th
Our friends at Art Castle have been busy creating an iOS version of The Trouble With Robots, due to be launched on the App Store on Thursday the 27th of November 2014. If you'd like to know more, head over to the official site and sign up for updates, or follow the developer on Facebook / Twitter!

I'm told there's also an Android version in the works!
Merry Clickmas!
Just for fun, Digital Chestnut has released a free web-based game along the lines of Cookie Clicker and Candy Box.

Click here to start playing!
Megamort Expansion is Here!
More levels, more cards and more robots await you in The Trouble With Robots Megamort expansion!

If you've purchased the game previously please click here to download the free Megamort expansion patch. New customers will find the expansion is already included in their copy of the game.
Megamort Coming Soon
The Megamort expansion will be out on Wednesday the 28th of November 2012, free to new and existing customers! In addition to 10 new levels it will include 8 exciting new cards like these:
Droids Rocket Drop Energize
Expansion In Progress...
Digital Chestnut is working on a free expansion to The Trouble With Robots, codename Megamort. The expansion will feature 8 new story levels, 2 new challenge levels and a yet to be determined number of new cards.
Great Reviews and Price Drop
To celebrate excellent reviews of The Trouble With Robots, we've reduced the price and slightly streamlined our order process. Now there's no excuse to miss out on the fun!

The Trouble With Robots is Out Now!
The Trouble With Robots is available now for Windows PCs. Download the demo or purchase the full version from this site.
Coming Soon...
The Trouble With Robots will be available to download in less than a week!
More Screenshots
I've added a few new screenshots to the Gallery.
Release Date Announced
The Trouble With Robots will be released for PC on Thursday 23rd of August 2012, priced at $18.99 / €16.50 / £12.99. Both the full game and a free demo will be available to download from this site.
Digital Chestnut is pleased to announce a trailer video for The Trouble With Robots, our upcoming customisable card game for PC. Check it out on the game page.
As part of a much needed overhaul of this site, there is now a Gallery featuring 9 new screenshots alongside the existing images and card previews.
Apprentice Preview Added
Apprentice is one of three elf cards with a special ability that helps your side.
Slow Motion Preview Added
Slow Motion is a useful defensive piece for many decks against a range of enemies.
I'm experimenting with twitter, you can follow my account @GeoffW0.
The City
Since the game's almost finished it's about time I shared some more screenshots. Here's one of the city area, and there are a few more on the facebook page.
Duplicate Preview Added
Duplicate is a combo-tastic card that lets you get the most out of your other favourites.
Mining Guild Preview Added
Another card preview, Mining Guild summons three dwarves and is great with any discard effect.
Boulder Crash Preview Added
Another card preview is up, this time of a direct damage spell. 'Boulder Crash' makes an excellent centre piece for any dwarf deck.
Card Previews
Previews are up of a few of the cards in The Trouble With Robots. The game's in very good shape and I'm looking forward to showing you more in the coming weeks!
We're on Facebook!
There are now Facebook pages for Digital Chestnut and The Trouble With Robots. Like us to show your support!
First look at The Trouble With Robots
The first screenshots of The Trouble With Robots in action are available here. More information coming soon...
The Trouble With Robots
Digital Chestnut is working on The Trouble With Robots, a real time card strategy game where you summon creatures, cast spells and smash robots! It's a bit like a collectible card game (such as Magic: The Gathering) but the action unfolds smoothly in real time rather than in turns. I guess that sounds a bit like EA's Battleforge, but it's really closer to Plants vs Zombies.

The game will be available for Windows PCs early in 2012.
Game in Development
I prototyped some game ideas earlier this year, and one of them really stood out. Digital Chestnut is developing this idea...
About Digital Chestnut
Digital Chestnut is an independent computer game developer, run by Geoffrey White.
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